More Sex In August


More sex in August? Here’s a survey we really like! According to the latest research we Brits have the most sex during the summer and August is top of the list. With just a few days to go we can’t wait!

It seems that higher levels of sunlight boost levels of feel good hormones and of testosterone. Well if that’s the case then with the recent heat wave, we should have been having more sex already, right? The survey does also say though that many people are likely to be on holiday in August, feeling more relaxed and wearing less clothes and that could also help things along. And of course we all know that the sun makes us feel happier!

There is some science behind this latest survey. Research has shown that men have up to 33% more testosterone flowing in June than they do in January. Other research found that men with more Vitamin D in their blood also have more testosterone. We get Vitamin D from sunlight – so, hey presto! Put all the above facts together and you can see why we might be having more sex in August!

A poll carried out by sex toy company Lovehoney, found that the three sexiest months were August [1st], July [2nd] and June [3rd], with people having the least sex in the supposedly romantic month of February. Researchers believe this may be because we have more melatonin hormone in our bodies in the winter and this results in depression, lethargy and a lower sex drive.


So roll on August – we’re definitely up for it!


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